Saturday, October 24, 2009

"We've Got Game" October 23, 2009

A call was sent out to all Ringling Students to submit work about games, any kind of games - head games, video games, internet games, board games, sports games, etc. Students answered back with a variety of artwork, everything from a sports performance to traditional illustrations. The work was judged by Wendy Wischer, Ann Albritton, Tiffany Gosselin, and Heather Jackson. The result - "We've Got Game."

This show features work by artists:

Jordie Bellaire, Illustration
Tiffany Gosselin, Fine Arts
Jeremy Griffith, Game Art and Design
Kirk Hughes, Interior Design
Heather Jackson, Fine Arts
Noah Ortega, Game Art and Design
Kris Phillips, Fine Arts
Rachel Saffold, Illustration

Sunday, October 18, 2009

"Stuff" October 16

Paintings By:

Paul Beima, Melanie Chatot, James DeL'Etoile, Kat Fong, Brian Harries, Liz Jaite, Chip Johnson, Sookie Kim, Alyse Miller, Sean Pearson, Alicia Stein

Friday, October 9, 2009

"BOO!" October 9, 2009

Artists: Michelle Fisher, Stead Thomas and Alex Wallis

BOO! is a show consisting of video installation, a series of drawings, photography and painting. The overall theme of the show is a fun play on halloween themes and topics such as ghosts, witches, black cats and goblins.

Photography senior Michelle Fisher displayed large prints of images where she has attempted to capture ghosts through out the parks of Sarasota, 2009 Ringling College graduate, Alex Wallis captured the grimmer side of Tamiami Trail’s night life through dozens of drawings and water colors, and 2006 Ringling College graduate and current USF graduate student Stead Thomas included a series of video installations, including the filming of ghosts.

Friday, October 2, 2009

"Intensified Sensory Perception" October 2, 2009

Artwork by: Wesley Bayard, Stead Thomas, Alex Shear, William Ball, Alex Wallis, Michelle Fisher, Cody Defranco, Phil Harmon, Nicky Larson, Dane Overton, Sebastian Georgalides, Sam Limbaugh, and Max Roseglass

Intensified Sensory Perception is an exhibition featuring artists that have a similar perception of life portrayed through their work. The show will feature several video installations, as well as various hand printed works. The overall theme of the show will portray a depraved, lascivious, and suggestive mood.