Friday, February 26, 2010


SNG/VAK featured artwork by senior fine artists, Sarah Graves and Victoria King.

Sarah Graves's work is constructed with screen printing, drawing, painting, and sculptural techniques. Her work is a portrayal of space and warping perspectives in abstract form that could be considered non-formal because the work itself reflects the speed, motion of youth culture and spontaneity.

Victoria King works with screen printing, creating an assembly line of generic images addressing issues of feminism, commercialism and commodity. The images express the nature of gender inequality, examining the women's social roles and relationships. Turing her prints into sculptures, she allows her viewers to interact with her work, projecting their personal feelings and experiences by altering the sculptures while maintaining their anonymity.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Unacknowledged Magic

Unacknowledged Magic featured artwork by senior fine artists, Christine Pronkse and Sarah Valdez.

Christine Pronske's work is about recreating, constructing and deconstructing paths of self-discovery and guidance. She takes maps of a familiar place and portrays the paths that show the movement in that time and space. She feels that the places we are from and the routes we take influence who we become. We tend to appreciate a place a lot more after we are removed from it and we want to leave a mark on the places we experienced. She believes that her work has an endless process where she will constantly venture into environments and expeditions reflecting on her experiences from the past.

Sarah Valdez's paintings and featured film cherry_bomb are a reflection of the influence she has on others and the influence they have on her. The people she has chosen to paint attract her subconsciously through the way they affect their surroundings. Their energy is mysteriously altering the enviroment, and this moment strikes her as a pure reflection of their character. Her intent is to paint or film her sitters without a facade, whether they are showing one to her or not. She describes an anonymous presence that manifests from the physical body, changing her visual perception. This is the feeling she captures. She is providing a unique opportunity to reflect on the enigmatic moment now embedded in the painting or film.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Timely Episodes

This show featured work by senior fine artists, Jessica Asp and Kristi Forbes.

Jessica Asp reflects and explores the environment and her connection to nature, capturing the atmosphere, mood and perspective of a specific place and time. She examines details closely such as the subject’s texture and tactile qualities and is intrigued by the intentional and unintentional patterns that emerge in her work. What she paints grows from the original subject so that the result is not just an identical copy; it has its own unique mood and style. The subject passes through her eye and hand, to emerge as a new entity. When she begins a painting her goal is to re-create the actual place and objects from her own perspective.

Kristi Forbes artwork is about the exploration of anger and depression as a result of a personal conflict with family that contributed to a great deal of stress and frustration. The imagery of a couch repeats itself in the work representing laziness, fear, safety and absolute boredom. Text is used to illustrate when and where certain actions and events had taken place, while having spent all of last summer living on a couch. She worked with simple materials exploring and experimenting with process. The work became a form of personal journals, and therapy helping to overcome the experience.