Saturday, January 30, 2010


This show featured work by senior fine artists, Guy Abate and Allison Pineau.

Guy Abate works with acrylics on canvas and board to create interesting atmospheric images. Allison Pineau works with screen printing and deals with a large number of prints to create installations of brights colors. Their intermingled with each other to take on an expressive reality to uncover a vast range of feelings, emotions, and reaching into the unconscious psyche.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

"Kill the Body and the Head will Follow"

Featuring work from senior artists Lauren Nelson & Heather Jackson

These artists are both dealing with ideas about pain, hospitals, and medicine; However, they work in very different ways. Heather's work is dealing with the mind and how the world views mental illness through installation, video, and performance, while Lauren's work is about the body and how we experience pain through printmaking and other various techniques with paper.

Visitors arrive and are able to interact with Heather's entrance installation.

Adam Scott and Sarah Graves perform.

This patient has had a long day.

View of Lauren's work.

Lauren uses burning techniques on paper to create images of her brain scans.

Installment of Lauren's burned drawings.

This is one of Lauren's prints that depicts x-rays of her neck.

Viewers look at the installation after much action has taken place.

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Spring 2010 Schedule has arrived!

Jan 22 Heather Jackson & Lauren Nelson "Kill the Body and the Head will Follow"
Jan 29 Allison Pineau & Guy Abate "Blended"
Feb 5 George Retkes & Josh Fuller "18637.9375ft3"
Feb 12 Jessica Asp & Kristi Forbes "Timely Episodes"
Feb 19 Sarah Valdez & Christine Pronske "Unacknowledged Magic"
Feb 26 Victoria King & Sarah Graves "SNG/VAK"
March 5 Jenny Vu & Aislinn Stone
March 19 Amanda Seckington & Mickaela Williams
March 26 Chatherine Villeneuve & Tiffany Gosselin
April 2 Josh Weinstein & Wayne Levy "The Wonderful World of Oddities and Commodities"