Saturday, February 13, 2010

Timely Episodes

This show featured work by senior fine artists, Jessica Asp and Kristi Forbes.

Jessica Asp reflects and explores the environment and her connection to nature, capturing the atmosphere, mood and perspective of a specific place and time. She examines details closely such as the subject’s texture and tactile qualities and is intrigued by the intentional and unintentional patterns that emerge in her work. What she paints grows from the original subject so that the result is not just an identical copy; it has its own unique mood and style. The subject passes through her eye and hand, to emerge as a new entity. When she begins a painting her goal is to re-create the actual place and objects from her own perspective.

Kristi Forbes artwork is about the exploration of anger and depression as a result of a personal conflict with family that contributed to a great deal of stress and frustration. The imagery of a couch repeats itself in the work representing laziness, fear, safety and absolute boredom. Text is used to illustrate when and where certain actions and events had taken place, while having spent all of last summer living on a couch. She worked with simple materials exploring and experimenting with process. The work became a form of personal journals, and therapy helping to overcome the experience.

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