Wednesday, September 9, 2009

"Vernissage" September 4, 2009

Josh Weinstein and Jessica Asp traveled to Pont-Aven, France this year and have shown their work in the Crossley Gallery.

"I adjusted fast to Pont-Aven’s simple lifestyle and found myself more focused in my work then I had ever been. Biking in the cold rain to get food or to go home after a long day in my studio became a normal part in my life. The French country lifestyle is a big contrast to America’s fast paced and materialistic culture. The experience I had here in Pont-Aven is one I will not forget and will stay with me for a long time. My work has just begun to express the many experiences of cultural differences I have learned and had here. My appreciation of the small things in life and the experience of living with less are two things I will always remember of my experience in France. Sometimes a simpler way of life is better."

-Jessica Asp

"Pont-Aven was my very first experience in Europe. The whole atmosphere affected me; the colors, people, weather, food. The Plaid Pantings are a systematic investigation of color and harmony. My intention is to evoke the certain emotions if felt while immersed in France through the use of color and line. Shape and pictorial depth are more of a by-product of this linear process."

-Josh Weinstein

Paintings by Jessica Asp

Paintings by Josh Weistein

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