Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Voyage of Infinite Parallels

"The Voyage of Infinite Parallels" featured artwork by senior fine artists, Amanda Seckington and Mikaela Williams.

Artists Mikaela Raqueal Williams and Amanda Lee Seckington made the decision to have their senior thesis show together after fully realizing the naturally occurring dialogue that exists between the content of their work. Williams' imagery reflects her affinity for space, where Seckington's reflects the sea. For Williams this stems from growing up in Titusville, FL with parents working for the NASA program, while for Seckington it stems from growing up on military bases with parents enlisted in the US Navy.

Williams combines personal craft and technology, creating a rich dialogue between the hand-made and the machine object, and the often blurred line in between with a metaphysical viewpoint. Through self-portraiture she is using herself as a substitution for the human race and how we as individuals are affected by the increasing influx of information available through technology.

"Overall, the work is about the overwhelming sense of longing for a New World, and the silent haunting of the Old. Opposition plays a key role throughout my work. The natural landscape of the tropics in contrast to the fabricated, industrial aesthetic of the military is where most of my imagery and content originate. The constants throughout my work are personal symbolism and a polished level of technical craft." –Seckington

This interview was a bit longer than the rest, so in order to upload it to the blog I had to create 3
smaller videos. Enjoy! -Tiffany

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