Monday, April 12, 2010

Just a Moment

Senior Fine Artist, Josh Weinstein, showed his 25 minute film in the Judy Hughes Studio on Friday, April 2, 2010. The show was a huge success.

I started drawing because I am interested in the many different ways we can see. Recently, I have applied this interest to the objects I encounter on a daily basis through the act of physically manipulating what I find. This is one way of seeing. Presently, I am evaluating why I feel the need to go out of my way to reconfigure the interesting day-to-day objects and situations I encounter at all. This is another way of seeing. In the meantime, I have resigned to the somewhat less-intrusive approach of videotaping various moments in my day-to-day life. Through this mode of seeing I have discovered entirely new ways to be intrusive and manipulative (the simple act of holding a small electronic device is a very curious and powerful gesture.) This practice has also allowed me the opportunity to witness my life in action, so to speak.

-Joshua Weinstein

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