Thursday, November 5, 2009


Crossley Gallery is pleased to present “Advanced Drawing”: a collaborative exhibition featuring works from Ringling College of Art and Design’s Advanced Drawing students. This show forges 23 artist’s work coming from two separate classes with a common goal of exploring drawing as an engaging, malleable, and resourceful tool of expression.

A mattress and a bed sheet, masking tape, egg shells, sharpie markers, Jello, graphite, computer programming, glass bottles, laminate, basswood, cut paper, charcoal and magnets are the materials that the artists have employed to convey their personal approach to drawing. In Advanced Drawing the boundaries are blurred between the precious and the expendable, the overlooked and the conspicuous, the generic and the personal.

Works from:

William Robert Ball IV, Arun Balmick, Justine Delman, Julienne Duverny, Jerermy Fisher, Steven Gonzales, Sandra Kurzban, Paul Link, Therese McPherson, Alexandra Plemmons, Trisha Rampersad, Shellie Riffe, Megan Scott, Rachel Robbins, Treavor Rennick, Lauren Alley, Brittney Hollinger, Georgie Landy, Jeffrey Scudder, E. Dannielle Slaughter, Max Moore, Ginger Waugh, Kris Phillips.

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