Saturday, November 7, 2009

"Open" November 6

Open is an exhibition of works by the Fine Arts Junior Painting Class, under the instruction of visiting artist, Bradley Wester. Each artist exhibited the results of their first completely OPEN assignment. The work may or may not enlist the medium of paint. Nothing, other than the fact that each artist shares the same class and instructor, was meant to hold this work together.

Participating artists:

Justine Delman, Daniel Dias, Julienne Duverny, Brittney Hollinger, Georgie Landy, Paul Link, Therese Mcpherson, Max Moore, Cheryl Murphy, Kristopher Phillips, Alexandra Plemmons, Trisha Rampersad, Treavor Rennick Rachel Robbins, Megan Scott, Jeffery Heart, and Dannielle Slaughter

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