Saturday, November 14, 2009

"Turn into Something" Nov 13

Featuring all new works by Ashly Lovett and Daniel Dias including small and large scale oil paintings, acrylic paintings and large scale pastels.

"We have known each other since the beginning of freshman year. For three years we have shared many ambitions and pushed one another as far as possible in our art and as people. We've both developed together by learning, sharing and talking about art. We can both agree that we owe a lot of our success as students to that relationship which has now set us both on a strong path to becoming professionals with a clearer knowledge of who we are, what we want and what we need from our work. We have almost come to the end of our journey together here at Ringling and soon we will have to embrace our futures separately. However, we are confident we will continue on to discover and share with each other as we always have.

For years we have said that by our senior year we would have this joint show to celebrate this relationship that we cherish greatly. We did not want a theme to describe our show, but rather we wanted to display a collection of works which represent our personal skills and interests as of now. I hope everyone can attend and give us their support."

-Ashly Lovett and Daniel Dias

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